Wired / Wireless Networking

If you have two or more computers we can network them – Wired or  Wireless – so you  will be able to start sharing information immediately. No more running between computers to see what is where. No more hassles like copying and saving files to other computers just to have it available “just in case.” Say hello to the convenience of ALWAYS having backup and to doing what you want, where you want and when you want – or just to having everyone else have access to your files, if that is what you wish.

  • Would you like to connect to the internet with several computers sharing one high speed line?
  • Would you like to allow data sharing and application access  of all your data and applications among all your computers at home or office?
  • Would you like to have network communications tools, such as pcAnywhere, to allow unrestricted remote on-demand access to all files?

Dependant on your needs, any parts and accessories will be supplied at an additional expense. On request, we will source and purchase items on an hourly and cost-plus basis.

SPECIAL: If booked in advance – and service is provided while on-site for networking, we will remove viruses, spyware, adware and worms at a discount to our standard hourly rate.