Preventive Maintenance, Standard Support & Prepayment Plans

Preventative Maintenance The best method for keeping your computers in good working order. We will visit your system on-line, and on a monthly basis, do regular maintenance and tune-ups to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Services will include virus, Spam, adware and spyware removal as well as installing all automatic updates waiting to be downloaded. Internal physical cleaning will also be done on a quarterly basis to ensure your equipment is kept in good operating condition. Unique IT recommends you do an external cleaning weekly as a matter of habit.

Maximum time allotted for a Preventative Maintenance is as noted. Additional time, or time spent to provide for other services while a Technician is on-site providing maintenance services will be assessed at Regular Rates.

Any PM Plans entered into in writing [including via email], and ceased by the client prior to the PM Plan contract termination date, will have previous Time spent assessed, and additional charges billed, as if such Time was booked as Deferred Services, and the Client agrees to pay these forthwith in accordance with Payment Terms.

  • PM Plan 1: Yearly contract consisting of 4 quarterly visits: $185 per visit. Includes 2 hours onsite.
  • PM Plan 2: Yearly contract consisting of 12 monthly visits: $155 per visit. Includes 2 hours onsite.
  • PM Plan 3: Yearly contract consisting of 12 monthly visits: $260 per visit. Includes 4 hours onsite.
  • PM Plan 4: Yearly contract consisting of 12 monthly visits: $420 per visit. Includes 8 hours onsite.
  • Customized PM Plans also available.  Please Contact Us to discuss further.

Prepayment For your convenience, and to reduce the time needed to submit your on-line request for Services, we offer a flexible prepayment option by which you are able to determine the amount you wish to prepay. Your prepaid credit will be applied to ongoing Booked Services performed. Once you are in a deficit position, we automatically replenish your account to the original prepaid amount requested. Please Contact Us to know more about this and available discount.

Ongoing Day-to-day Support Whether related to previous work orders or general technical questions, services are provided, for and based on, Sameday Rates and assessed in minimum 1/10th hour increments, with any charges applied to any Method of Payment on file. If it is determined a house call is required, you will be requested to Book a Technician, upon whose arrival you will be additionally assessed any outstanding amounts owed. Monthly updates will be emailed for your reconciliation.